Re: web links - Steven Coker
Subject: Re: web links
From: Steven Coker
Date: March 31, 1999

[email protected] wrote:
> I can't read a great deal of your material. The computer tells me I do not
> have the software to read your http....

Your problem is probably with AOL.  The problem is not with the pages or links
I've provided online.  You should search for a solution in your AOL help
materials or with AOL technical support.  

My experience has been that AOL in general, and the AOL web browser and AOL
email service in particular, are a common source of problems.  They seem to have
relatively poor Internet compatibility when compared with the most recent
versions of products like Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.  

My recommendation are:

1. For computer savvy people, and others who can figure out how to install and
upgrade computer programs, I recommend they not use AOL.  My opinion is that it
does not provide the best compatibility and broadest range of Internet uses. 
For this category of people, I recommend obtaining Internet access from an
Internet Service Provider (ISP) that allows the user to select and use any
commonly available browser (e.g. Netscape Navigator) and email program (e.g.
Netscape Messenger, Eudora Pro) the user prefers.

2. For people who can't or won't handle installation and maintenance of computer
software, I recommend using a service like AOL, WebTV, Prodigy, Compuserve,
etc.  Those types of services generally include a proprietary software package
with the service.  They may not allow the customer to select and use other
software programs with their service.  But, they generally provide support for
their packaged software and make periodic upgrades easily available.  

3. Regardless which of the above options a person chooses, I recommend seeking
out and obtaining the fastest Internet access you can afford.  The following is
a list of service options you may want to investigate and consider.

Steve Coker

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