We're getting ready inland, too - rustycat
Subject: We're getting ready inland, too
From: rustycat
Date: September 11, 1999

Dear Janet,
  We are keeping an ear out here in Sumter, too. Please take care of
yourself and your family. Be thinking about you. Look me up on OZ if we get
there. I'll be the one sitting on all the different colored genealogy
notebooks. Can't miss me.


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From: J Jilote 
To: [email protected] 
Date: Monday, September 13, 1999 2:09 PM
Subject: Have you seen....

the news?
>Just a note to all my genealogy friends...
>Take a moment to leave your computers and check out the
>news. Some of us may be getting a bit of wind & rain soon
>In my TO DO List I have -
>put computer & genealogy research in car!
>Wrap notebooks in plastic (trashbags) or put in plastic
>boxes and tape shut.
>And most important - backup genealogy programs and take disk
>with you! I also make a copy of Ged.coms on another disk.
>Hope all get through the storm/hurricane  safely. And see
>you online afterwards.
>Bless You All,
>Janet Nielson Jilote
>Chas, SC

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