We have GOT to be related - RustyCat
Subject: We have GOT to be related
From: RustyCat
Date: May 14, 1999

Dear Anne,
   I have the lines of Montgomery, McQueen, Wooley, Benton, Ellerbee, and
Gillespie. I am in the process of entering my data into a new Family Tree
Maker program and it's taking forever. I will be happy to share as soon as
I get the silly data entered.
Take care

> To: [email protected]
> Subject: re: roll call  Wiggins, Utsey, 
> Date: Saturday, May 15, 1999 12:14 AM
> I read most of the postings, even ones that do not pertain to my
> you never know what you'll find out.  I have found most of the discussion
> threads informative and often entertaining.  Thanks to everyone for their
> contributions.
>  My brick wall is Benjamin Wiggins who was in Berkeley County in the
> 1800s.  His wife Mary L. is buried at Magnolia Cemetery, but we can't
> any trace of Benjamin.  Other names in my paternal line are:
> Warnock, Tuttle, Montgomery, McQueen, Wooley, Benton, Ellerbee,
> In my maternal line, I have Utsey, Rheuark, Guess, Garrick, Oliver,
> I think the Utsey line is German-Swiss, but would like to know more about
> them, especially how our line connects with John Valentine Utsey of
> Orangeburgh in the late 1700s.
> Any information is appreciated.
> Anne Wiggins Wallace

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