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Subject: RE: Waxhaw Region, Scots-Irish and German Settlements
From: Wodi Pro
Date: April 13, 1998

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Nora, Richardson is from Sumter, Barnwell, Horry Counties...   Look in =
Pee Dee area also... If Richardson married German, might well be from =
Orangeburg/Barnwell..I have either Patsy Gilliam or Susie Gilliam =
marrying a Richardson... Some of the Gilliams married Germans as well... =
I have been trying to find which Ricardson it was... I wish you luck... =
Try Orangeburgh Swiss site..Anne

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Sent: 	Sunday, April 12, 1998 11:26 PM
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Subject: 	Waxhaw Region, Scots-Irish and German Settlements

Where is the best place to search for material about the Waxhaws and the
people who settled this area? 
Were there certain places that Scots-Irish and Scots settled in early =
How many German settlements were there also in early SC?  I know of
Orangeburg, Dutch Fork, and Purysburg but are there others?  Charleston =
Was Long Cane Creek area a Scots-Irish settlement? 
I am doing research on James Clark b. 1807.  Arthur Phelps b. 1808.  =
Sophia and I suspect his father was Elisha Phelps.  Mother and son b. in =
John Richardson and Eliz. Catherine (surname unkn but German)  John b.
1785-90.  E. C. b. 1791.
I am at an incredible brick wall and need to get out and research in =
and the Archives.  I really need some advice on where to go and where to =
when I get there!!!   Thanks, Nora

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