Re: Waxhaw Region, Scots-Irish and German Settlements - Angie Rayfield
Subject: Re: Waxhaw Region, Scots-Irish and German Settlements
From: Angie Rayfield
Date: April 15, 1998

Where is the best place to search for material about the Waxhaws and the
>people who settled this area?  

The Lancaster County SC USGenWeb Project page is gathering a pretty good
collection of information about the Waxhaws region.  One of the regular
contributors, Louise Pettus, can safely be considered an authority on the
area (in my estimation, anyway ) and she's graciously permitted many of
her articles to be put on-line.  

Were there certain places that Scots-Irish and Scots settled in early SC?

There's a heavy concentration of Scot and Scots-Irish along the "border
areas" of NC/SC.  Lancaster county has a pretty good Scots population, and
so does Chesterfield County.  Richmond County NC was *very* popular with
the Scots (when the county was divided, they even named the new county
Scotland), and many of them moved across the state line in the late 1700 &
early 1800's.  

Angie Rayfield

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