Watts, Hilton, May, Blakeney, Rodgers, Holl, Stoppelbein, Moorer, Villeneuve, Evans - Cynthia H. Porcher
Subject: Watts, Hilton, May, Blakeney, Rodgers, Holl, Stoppelbein, Moorer, Villeneuve, Evans
From: Cynthia H. Porcher
Date: May 13, 1999

I only opened the last SC-ROOTS post in order to unsubscribe. At last there
are a few souls who are interested in genealogy. This list has more baloney
on it than all the others I receive put together. At least half of the list
is rules. It seems that the rule maker has become the number one rule
breaker. Glad to be back on topic, and perhaps the list owner will allow
that to continue.

I am researching the following families:
WATTS, Chesterfield Co
PIGG, Chesterfield Co.
EVANS, Chesterfield Co and Charleston Co (2 different families at this
VILLENEUVE, Charleston and Chesterfield Co.
STOPPELBEIN, Charleston Co
HOLL, Charleston Co, and Lancaster Co, PA
BLAKENEY and MAY, Chesterfield Co.

I also have the following BRICKWALLS:

Pinckney D RODGERS, b ca 1826 and d 19 Dec 1895 (unknown location) married
Sarah Jane MOORER, b ca 1830 and d 22 Jan 1900. Both are buried in a private
cemetery in Pregnalls (Dorchester Co), SC. I have been unable to locate the
graves. There must have been a family connection and land there, as their
daughter Victoria RODGERS was born there. Victoria married Wm Henry HOLL and
their first child was born at Pregnalls. 

Ida Rose HILTON m Thos Henry WATTS, b ca 1805 in Chesterfield Co, SC or
Anson Co, NC. They lived near Pageland. Rose does not appear to connect to
any of the Hilton families, although I understand that Richard Burrel Hilton
had 11 children, and no one has yet shown me a complete list. That family
would be in the right area and time frame.


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