WATTS and EVANS in SC and ?NC, also HAMILTON, BIVENS in NC - cynthia porcher
Subject: WATTS and EVANS in SC and ?NC, also HAMILTON, BIVENS in NC
From: cynthia porcher
Date: April 06, 1998

Researching my grandfather's family in what is now Chesterfield Co., SC.

My grandfather Robert Lee Watts (1893-1990) married Cornelia Alice
HAMILTON (d/0 William Alexander "Billy" HAMILTON andLouisa Flora
BIVENS.of Anson/ Union Co, NC and moved to Charleston, SC to look for
work during the Depression.  That is why I don't know a great dealabout
his family.

Here's what I know:
Papa was born to Townley B. WATTS (ca 1862-1962) and Henny "Babe" EVANS
He had an older sister called Mayme.  Henny died of childbirth
complications and Papa was raised my his maternal grandparents Queen
P.and Henry H. EVANS. (I'm interestd in finding out about them, also.)

Townley remarried and had about 10 more children. One of his sons from
the second marriage was called Lec or Lex. (Alexander?) Don't know other
names. Townley was a very broadshouldered man who had lots of white
hairin his old age. He ran a country store and went to work every day
untilshortly before his death. He lived to be 100 years old.

Townley's father was Thomas WATTS. His siblings were Gary,
Douglas,Rhone, Mollie, and Annie.  

I do not know when they settled in the area or if they all stayed.
Therewere some WATTS in NC in the mid 1800's, but I am not aware of a
connection. This isn't very much to go on, but perhaps someone will
recognize some of these names and help me out.

Thanks.  chp


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