Watson Reunion - Grammyjane
Subject: Watson Reunion
From: Grammyjane
Date: July 06, 1999

It's not too late to sign-up to come to the WATSON reunion!  If anyone is 
interested, please let me know!  We are always lookin for new "cousins"!

I am the reunion chairman for the John Watson I 1752-1823 reunion that is 
held in Greenville, SC every year, this is our 53rd year.   We would love to 
have some new WATSON cousins attend our WATSON reunion.

Descendants of John Watson I
	1  	John WATSON I	b: 1752 in County Down, Ireland		d: 
April 21, 1823 in Greenville SC
.		+Mary BRANNON	b: October 08, 1743 in North Farnham Parish, 
Richmond VA	m: 1783 in Fredrick County, VA	d: December 26, 1827 in 
Greenville SC
	2  	John WATSON II	b: November 14, 1784 in Frederick County, VA	
	d: 1876 in Greenville SC
...		+Rebecca BISHOP	b: July 25, 1792	m: September 29, 1808	
d: July 23, 1823 in Greenville SC
		*2nd Wife of John WATSON II:			
...		+Mary HOLLAND	b: December 24, 1803 in Suffolk VA	m: 
September 09, 1824	d: 1853 in Greenville SC
		*3rd Wife of John WATSON II:			
...		+Elizabeth (Widow Potts) GRIFFIN	b: Unknown	m: 
Aft. August 29, 1854	d: Unknown
	2  	James WATSON	b: May 05, 1785 in Frederick County VA		
d: October 30, 1865 in Greenville SC
...		+Mary Polly WALKER	b: May 22, 1783 in Greenville SC	
m: May 31, 1804 in Greenville SC	d: January 07, 1862 in Greenville SC

This year the reunion is being held Saturday, July 10, 1999, from 10:00 a.m. 
until..., at the Greenville County Library, lunch will be served $10.00 a 
person, a short business meeting and then wonderful conversation and research 
at the library.

If anyone is interested or would like to be put on our mailing list please 
contact me.  Thanks!

Jane Chandler
PO Box 81
Simpsonville SC 29681
[email protected]

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