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WATSON - HORN - BRANTLEY of Cheraw District, Chesterfield County, South
1850 CENSUS lists;

Drury Watson, 30 b. S.C.
Rebecca Watson, 25 b. N.C.
John Watson, 7 b. S.C.
William Watson, 5 b. S.C.
Oliver Watson, 3 b. S.C.

Next dwelling lists;
John Watson 60 b. N.C. (father of above Drury Watson).
Elizabeth Watson 60 b. N.C.
John C. Watson 20 b. N.C.
Leven Watson 18 b. S.C.
Calvin Watson 13 b. S.C.
Emily Watson 16 b. S.C.
Elizabeth Carter 20 b. S.C.

Also listed in Chesterfield County, S.C. Page 176, Dwelling 1188, Family
1188 is;

David S. Autry 36, farmer b. S.C.
Sarah 30 b. S.C. (maiden name was Watson).
John, 8 b. S.C.
James,4 b. S.C.
Sarah, 2 b. S.C.
Lavinia Watson, 10 b. S.C. (my gr grandmother).

Many of the above moved to Choctaw County, Alabama about 1850 - 1853. I
believe that Lavinia Watson is kin to the other Watson's. Lavinia married
unknown HORN, issue; Albert Evander Horn born in 1858. She then married
Unknown Brantley, issue; Jefferson Davis Brantley, born Aug. 27, 1861/62 and
Narsissus Alonia Brantley, born Dec. 2, 1863 in Cheraw District,
Chesterfield County, S.C. Narsissus is my grandmother. Any information on
any of the above will be greatly appreciated.
In Tezas

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