Re: Washington Baptist Church-Greenville? - JNGW
Subject: Re: Washington Baptist Church-Greenville?
From: JNGW
Date: April 23, 1998

In a message dated 98-04-23 10:25:44 EDT, [email protected] writes:

<< Harriet Matilda
 Pearson. I am particularly interested in Harriet's Pearson lineage. I >>

The Presence of the Past: Epitaphs In Greenville Co., South Carolina,
Greenville County Historical Soc. 1976.

     'Washington Church Cemetery,  -  Marilda (Matilda ?), wife of J. P.
Pearson. Born 9 Oct 1834, died 30 Jan 1897.
       J. F (P ?). Pearson born 1830, died 7 June 1907.

Could these people possibly be related?
[email protected]

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