Washington Baptist Church-Greenville? - Steve Pearson
Subject: Washington Baptist Church-Greenville?
From: Steve Pearson
Date: April 23, 1998

Hi to all!
    I am seeking information in regards to the Washington Baptist
Church. Is it in Greenville Co., Greenville? Or is it somewhere else in
Greenville Co.? I am interested in the records that might be available?
I know that my gg grandfather and grandmother are buried there, Jesse C
Alverson and in an unmarked grave to one side is Harriet Matilda
Pearson. I am particularly interested in Harriet's Pearson lineage. I
suspect she was a member at one point and perhaps other members of her
family were as well. I believe her mother to be a Sarah nee ??? Does
anyone have any advice, information or be able to do a lookup, ( perhaps
there is a publication on this church?)? If anyone is familiar with
those people who were early members through their research I would
appreciate any response. Thanks,  Steve Pearson

         Steve Pearson
        [email protected]
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  it's defined by ones actions.

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