Warren HORN - Marion/Dillon Co SC - Jochurchd
Subject: Warren HORN - Marion/Dillon Co SC
From: Jochurchd
Date: July 11, 1998


Searching for any information on HORN family of Marion/Dillon Co SC.

My ancestor, Warren HORN (c1815-1880), resided, died, and was buried in Dillon
(formerly Marion) Co SC on Little Pee Dee River near present day Fork
Community, on land that was granted to Benjamin HARRELSON. Warren Horn married
Flora Ann CARMICHAEL, dau of Squire Neil and Mary McCALL/McCOLL Carmichael. 

Warren and Flora Ann Carmichael Horn had children:

1/ Caroline Horn (c1842-before 1823) mar Roger R. ROBERTS (2nd wife)

2/ William Capers Horn (c1843-Civil War) never wed

3/ Mary Jane Horn (c1846-???) (did she mar R. R. ROGERS?)

4/ John Madison Horn (c1847-Civil War) never wed

5/ Neil Horn (c1848-after 1910 in State Hospital) never wed

6/ Irene "Reenie" Horn (c1850-1935) mar John S. LUPO/LUPER

7/ Jefferson D. Horn (1852-1931) mar Mary Elizabeth THOMPSON (my line)

8/ Warren Franklin "Frank" Horn (c1855-???) mar Rachel (_?_)

9/  (Hardy?) Hugh McCall "Mack" Horn (c1855-after 1900) never wed
 (Who were Lula TURNER age 30 and Ella TURNER age 3, shown with Mack in  
  1900 census as boarders in Frank's household.)

10/ Melissa Ann Monila "Lissie" Horn (c1862-1937) never wed

Warren appears to have belonged to the Horn family that resided on the NC/SC
state line, near present town of Lake View, in present Dillon Co (then Marion
District), bounding on Robeson (formerly Bladen) Co NC. Warren sold land in
that area that formerly belonged to Nathan Horn. The land bounded or was near
lands granted to John PRICE. 

I have been unable to establish parents or siblings for Warren. Names of Horn
males in that area of an age to have been father of Warren were Hardy Horn
(mar Annis Hill of Robeson Co NC), Nathan/Nathaniel Horn (whose wife may have
been named Delilah), and William Horn (died c1824 - Hardy Horn administered
his estate). Hardy, Nathan, and William Horn all had males in their households
of an age to have been Warren. There was possibly a Price connection of some
sort due to bounding lands and later associations.  

Any help out there?  

Regards to the list (and it's a great list!),


(Jo Church Dickerson)

SEARCHING: Barfield, Brewer, Carmichael, Church, Cook, Collins, 
Copeland (of NC), Elvington/Yelverton, Ford, Harrelson, Hay(e)s, Horn(e), 
McCall, Miller, Monroe, Thompson, and most of the other families of 
Lake View/Fork area in Dillon/Marion County SC.

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