WARD-McLEAN, SC>GA - Suzanne T Coker
From: Suzanne T Coker
Date: April 17, 1999

    I am preparing a 83rd birthday present and need help finding:
      MILES WARD b. abt. 1800-1810, Ireland? or SC?
	              d. Fayette Co., GA
   	   m.March 19, 1829, Fayette Co., GA,
      LINNIE McLEAN  b. March 1805, York Co., SC
		d. 1885, Fayette Co., GA
     Linnie was daughter of OLIVER P. MCLEAN (b. abt. 1770, Ireland) and
RACHEL MILLER(b. Ireland). Oliver and Rachel immigrated from Ireland to
Charleston, SC,  Then settled in York Co. SC,, where their children were
born. They were in Fayette Co., GA by about 1824.
    ** Particularly interested in ANY information re MILES WARD.
     I am preparing an 83rd birthday present for a family friend who is a
direct descendant of MILES WARD, and so far, I have been unable to
connect MILES with any Wards.  Mr. Ward, the "birthday boy," thinks MILES
WARD was "from Ireland" but doesn't know if Miles was the first
    I have found WARDS in Charleston, NC, and MD (mostly Charles Co.),
but  no MILES WARD--except in Mass, and then he's not Mr. Ward's.
    Any information you could share--any clues or directions--would be a
help in my completing this birthday project--by April 27.  Help!
    I would truly appreciate your assistance.
Suzanne Coker

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