Fwd: War of the Rebellion, on the - Derrell O. Teat
Subject: Fwd: War of the Rebellion, on the
From: Derrell O. Teat
Date: October 07, 1999

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From: Kathleen 
To: [email protected] 
Date: Thursday, October 07, 1999 12:13 AM
Subject: War of the Rebellion, on the

Cornell University has put the ENTIRE "War of the Rebellion" on the
>internet!!!  Over 60 volumes!!!  It includes scanned images of reports,
>correspondence, seizures of Southern property, etc. sent to the War
>Dept. during the Civil War.  It includes both Union and Confederate
>accounts.  It is in chronological order but there is no online index.
>Many libraries have the index.  Find the volume and page number for your
>subject in the index at the library.  Go to this website
>Kathleen Burnett
>List Mom

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