Re: WAR OF THE REBELLION journal site - Larry Winebrenner
Subject: Re: WAR OF THE REBELLION journal site
From: Larry Winebrenner
Date: August 06, 1999

Thanks to Butch, Janet, Gail for the link to a resource I was about to ask
about. The History and Official Records of the War of the Rebellion is much
more extensive than the volumes recorded at Cornell's Making of America online
version, but it is great to have this. At Florida Atlantic University in Miami
FL I scanned the indexes of some 79 or so volumes. Each volume has it's own
index, but I did not find a combined index. I found a number of names, but
little of genealogical interest when I scanned through the actual physical
books, but there was a lot of historical interest.

Unfortunately, the Cornell version is stored in images. This makes it hard [for
me with my limited knowledge] to do searches online. I followed the very clumsy
procedure of printing out a page, scanning it into an OCR program and storing
it in a word processor file which was searchable. That is very time-consuming
and I only did a couple of pages to see if it were possible. It's faster to
scan the indexes visually, Fortunately, they have a search engine that will
take you to a particular image number, or to the next or previous images. The
index for volume 1 begins at image 857 about 1/3 of the way down the page.

The indexes are very good, but not perfect.


Larry Winebrenner

Gail Moore wrote:

 Ok so where would Greenville Dist. SC be in this thing??  Any ideas I can't
> seem to locate it at all or any mention of old 96 either.

 From: J Jilote 
> To: [email protected] 
> Date: Friday, August 06, 1999 1:54 PM
> Subject: WAR OF THE REBELLION journal site
> >Thanks Butch for the page on the "War of the Rebellion"
> >journal site.
> >
> >For those interested,
> >
> >I found an INDEX that begins on Image #709. Skipping through
> >I found the indexed material on Charleston around Image #
> >720, and # 754 for South Carolina.
> >
> >Note: the page numbers and the corresponding Image numbers
> >are not the same.
> >
> >The Image # is about 16 pages beyond the actually page
> >numbers of the journal.
> >
> >Also, the "TURN TO IMAGE" button at the top of the page
> >works appropriately,  and not the one at the bottom of the
> >page.
> >
> >Janet Nielson Jilote
> >Chas, SC
> >
> >

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