War and Genealogy - Greg Simmons
Subject: War and Genealogy
From: Greg Simmons
Date: October 13, 1999

I am sorry to see the Civil war discussion going on. What are
ancetors did can not be changed. What we can do now that we are here is.
No one wants to cast blame on who or what happen during that time.

              One note what the Confederate States of America did was
treason. They elected their own President and Vice President as well as
come up with their own Constitution as well as not allow any one else
who was not a member of their Confederate states to run for political
office in the states that belonged to the confederates.

          They also with drew from the Fedearl Government almost all
representatives as well as take over federal property in the southern
states and call the property their own because it was in their state.
They established their own tax system and would not allow the Union to
tax them. They also sought finical help from other countries to supply
their Confederates states of America. 

         When the war was over zealous leaders of the Union wanted to
try the leaders of the south for treason. To heal the country though the
president knew he would have to pardon the leaders and accept them with
open arms back into the union with no punishment for them. Although the
soldiers of the Confederates were looked down on by Union soliders and
leaders after the war, they should have been given the open arms of
welcome. It is not wrong to disagree on points of view on items. 

             It is wrong how ever to go to war and fight on these points
of war as was done in the Civil war. It was Civil and not just a state
issue. When the federal government is effected it becomes federal. I am
not casting blame here just stating the facts that are recorded by
documents from the south and North. We can disagree on issues but to
kill over those issue's is not a very good ideal. 

           I hope we can put this issue to rest and go back to what this
list is about Genealogy. I am from Illinois and am tracing my ancestors
who came from SC in 1778 to 1799. In the Laurens Co. Area. They are:

1)William Harvey
2)Littleberry Harvey
3)Thomas Harvey
4)James harvey
5)Philemon or Philip Harvey
6)John Holcombe Harvey
7) Charles Harvey

      All were brothers and lived in the Little River area of what was
Laurens Co. SC.. 

                Greg Simmons

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