Re: Wanting to see some MILLER/Keslers/PURCELLs - Stwrtlis
Subject: Re: Wanting to see some MILLER/Keslers/PURCELLs
From: Stwrtlis
Date: March 14, 2001

How right you are!!
Looking any information that can tie JOSEPH THOMAS CALLIHAM, b. @ 1780-1785 
into Calliham families in SC.  Census infor says he was born there.  Joseph 
possibly married a Somerlin/Sumerlin, lived in LA in Rapides Parish along 
with JOHN W. CALLIHAM.  I do not know the relationship between the two, but 
dates prevent them from being father-son, and other research probably rules 
out brothers.  JOSEPH T. CALLIHAM  was in Texas as early as 1835, and 
probably before.  His children are:
       JOHN HAYS CALLIHAM    b. @ 1814  (my Line)
       SARAH CALLIHAM b. @ 1822
       OSBURN CALLIHAM b. @1826
       CALPURNIA  b.?

I am guessing from the age spread of the children that he probably had two 
wives.  Other related family names include Nicholas and Morris.  

Any suggestions?


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