Want to but - Jimleviner
Subject: Want to but
From: Jimleviner
Date: February 26, 1999

Sorry to post this to list, but this is the only way I can contact the man.
Back in January a man posted some research material he had for sale.  I wrote
to him saying that I would like a copy and would send him a money order.  Due
to health reasons I was unable to do so.  I have just resumed my research.
When I started back to researching I remembered the material this man had.  He
said that it was $7.00, when I contacted him he said that for $12.00 I could
get a more complete work.  I have lost or misplaced all mails regarding this
matter.  I cannot find his address or anything.  So now Sir if  you remember
anything about this, please e-mail me so that I can order your material.  I
wrote your during the 3rd weeek of Jan.


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