Re: Wainwright-POWG-3/last - William Quinlivan
Subject: Re: Wainwright-POWG-3/last
From: William Quinlivan
Date: December 19, 1999

[email protected] wrote:
Hi! My mother's family was a big complicated one of many surnames which
dwelt in Edgefield County SC from roughly 1750 onwards. One of the names
is Lowrey.  I have heard that there are variants of the same name
spelled also as Lowry and Lowery and also other ways sometimes. Could
your Lowery people have been in that area during the period before and
since about 1800? If so I have a little bit of the family of my great
grandmother who was Amina Frances Lowrey which i could send to you.
			Best Regards, 
				Bill Q.

 (page of Wiregrass GA?) Just curious. Got any help on my SC relatives?
> Surnames I'm researching:
> NC-Meeks, Sutton, Nobles, Wainwright
> SC-Matthews, Askins, Pilkington, Woodrow, Gregg, Bethea, Lowery
> LA?-Graham. Haile

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