Re: Wainwright-POWG-3/last - Reestomer
Subject: Re: Wainwright-POWG-3/last
From: Reestomer
Date: December 19, 1999

THANKS AGAIN CHARLES...Those Wainwrights are mine too! Sarah Elizabeth 
Wainwright married my John Meeks. What does POWG-3/last mean on subject line? 
(page of Wiregrass GA?) Just curious. Got any help on my SC relatives?

Ree in Tennessee
"If you can't get rid of the family skelton, may as well make it dance."
said George Bernard Shaw...Sounds good to me, "Boogie on !!!!"  Ree

Surnames I'm researching:
NC-Meeks, Sutton, Nobles, Wainwright
SC-Matthews, Askins, Pilkington, Woodrow, Gregg, Bethea, Lowery
LA?-Graham. Haile

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