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Wiley Wainwright, one of the few soldiers who lost their lives in the 
Indian War in this section of 1836-1842, was born in Wayne County in 1817, 
son of James Wainwright (Vol. IV). He was married in Camden county Feb. 
1.9, 1835, to Hester Murhee (pronounced "Maree"), born 1816 in Camden 
county, daughter of Edward P. and Mary (Pollie) Murhee. They had three 

1. Edward J.	b. Dec. 19,1835,	m. Cynthia E. Lewis, dau. of Rev. Josiah.
2. Margaret Matilda	b. Dec. 30,1837,	m. (unknown).
3. Daniel N. Cone 	b. Nov. 3, 1839,	m. Leah Tabitha Lewis, dau. of Rev. 

He served as a private in the Indian 'War in Capt. Daniel Newnan Cone's 
company of Camden county militia, July bta to July 29, 1838. He served as 
ist Corporal in Capt. Henry E. W. Clark's company of Camden county militia, 
From Sept. 24, 1840 when he enlisted, until his death near Traders Hill 
(then in Camden, now in Charlton), January 10th, 1841.
The company roll in Washington shows his death on said date but does not 
show whether he was killed, died of wounds or of disease. He was presumably 
buried in the cemetery at Traders Hill; grave unmarked.
His widow, Hester, on June 10, 1841, married Ezekiel O'Steen, son of John 
and Ada O'Steen (Vol. II), and by him had nine children. They continued 
living in Camden after marriage, until 1854 when Charlton county was made 
mostly out of Camden and they were then "cut" into the new county. About 
1872 Ezekiel O'Steen moved to Nassau County, Fla., where he died 1875; his 
widow, Hester, was the administratrix on his estate. In the 1880 census she 
was back in Charlton county and her widowed daughter, Mrs. Virginia Rhoden, 
was living with her. Her aged, widowed mother, Mrs. Polly Murhee, was 
living with her and her husband, Ezekiel O'Steen in Charlton county in the 
1870 census.

WAINWRIGHT, JOSEPH (p. 281): (1) He was a son of James Wainwright of Pitt 
County, N.C. (2) His son, Richard J., married Susan Highsmith, daughter of 
David (Vol.I) and after his death in the war she married Ben F. Pierce, 
June 1, 1865.

WAINWRIGHT, JAMES (p.319): (1) The oldest son was Wiley Wainwright and he 
should be added to the list of children. He served in the Indian War as 1st 
Corporal in Capt. Henry E. W. Clark's company of Camden County militia, 
Sept. 24, 1840, until his death Jan. 10, 1841; he married Hester Murrhee, 
Feb. 19, 1835, and they had three children. She later married Ezekiel 
O'Steen, June 10, 1841. Hester, erroneously shown as a daughter, should be 
eliminated from the list of children as given in Vol. IV. (2) The son, 
William Robinson Wainwright, married Mary Lowther, daughter of Hampton J. 
M. and Mary Lowther of Charlton County.

WAINWRIGHT, JAMES. (p.319): His second wife was Nancy Cooper, a daughter of 
George Cooper, R.S., and wife Alice, of Wayne County; and not a daughter of 
Noah Robinson (or Robson) as was erroneously stated. The Robsons (otherwise 
spelled Robeson and Roberson and Robinson), the Coopers and Wainwrights of 
old Wayne County all moved there from Pitt County, N.C., and appear to have 
been related to each other but in what degree cannot now be determined.

WAINWRIGHT, JOSEPH (p. 281): (1) In Pitt County, N.C., deed book "DD" are 
two deeds made by Joseph Wainwright before his removal to Georgia, viz: 
First deed on page 70, from Joseph and wife Laney to William Hart for 32 
acres, deed dated Aug. 2, 1825; second deed on p. 424 from Joseph to Walter 
Hanrahan, dated May 26, 1827, conveying 100 "formerly owned by the said 
Joseph Wainwright's deceased father James Wainwright, reserving life-estate 
in said James' widow, Sarah. " (2) Joseph Wainwright died between 1860 and 
1870 and his widow was dead in 1880 census. In 1870 she was living with 
their son, W. Henry Wainwright. Joseph and wife Laney were buried at 
Corinth Church in northern Charlton county. The portion of Wayne they lived 
in is now in Brantley county. (3) The son, William Henry Wainwright, 
married Mary Vickery, daughter of Thomas Vickery (q.v.). The daughter, 
Elizabeth, did not die single as was stated, but married Robert Vickery, 
April 12,1855, and died soon after the birth of her first and only child, 
Sarah, b. 1856.

WAINWRIGHT, JAMES (p. 319): (1) Add to the list of his children by his 
first wife, Tempe (properly, Temperance), born 1819, married William 
Douberly (Dubberly). She died Aug. 30, 1900, and was buried in  the 
cemetery at Antioch Baptist Church n.e. of Folkston. (2) in an addition in 
Vol. V, p. 590, it was there stated that the son, William Robinson 
Wainwright, married Mary Lowther; however, descendants say he married Mary 
Roland, daughter of Needham and Louisa Roland, and this is verified by the 
1880 census which shows the widow, Mary Wainwright living with her widowed 
mother, Louisa,, and relationship shown as "daughter." (3) James 
Wainwright's second wife was Nancy (or "Ann" in some places), daughter of 
Wiley Robeson and a sister to Noah Robeson.

WAINWRIGHT, JAMES - VOL.IV: The mother of James was Sarah Mundine, and as 
evidenced by land plat, she and James Wainwright, the father of the 
subject, were married about 1787. A land warrant was granted to Sarah 
Mundine on May 31, 1784 for 150 acres lying on the north side of the Tarr 
River in Pitt County, North Carolina. Adjoining land owners were Robert 
Flakes and James Robson. On November 27, 1787, the same tract of land was 
surveyed for James Wainwright "by virtue of a warrant granted unto Sarah 
Mundine now the wife of said Wainwright." Chain bearers for this survey 
were James Robson and William Barber (See Land Plat Book 64, page 447, Pitt 
County, North Carolina, entered May, 31, 1784).

WAINWRIGHT, WILEY - VOL.VII: It was erroneously stated that his widow's 
second husband, Ezekiel O'Steen, was a son of John O'Steen (Vol.11). 
Ezekiel O'Steen, son of John and Argent, married Leah Prevatt in Wayne 
County in 1817 as was stated in Vol.II, whereas, the Ezekiel who married 
Mrs. Hester Wainwright, was born in 1830 according to the 1850 census on 
Camden County and later census, and it is believed was a son of Ezekiel and 
Leah. The parents of the younger Ezekiel are not definitely known.

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