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James Wainwright was born in 1817 in Pitt County, N.C., son of James 
Wainwright (VoL. IV). He was brought by his parents to Wayne County, Ga., 
when they moved there in his childhood; and he grew up in Wayne and Camden 
counties in the portion now Charlton County. He was married in Camden 
County, Feb. 9, 1841, to Mary C. Murhee, born 1822 in Georgia, daughter of 
Edward P. and Mary Murhee. They had the following children:

1. Andrew J.	b. Jan. 27, 1843, m. Nancy Roddenberry, dau. of Henry.
2. Francis D.	b. Dec. 8, 1844, m. Julia Satilla Tucker, dau. of Isaac.
3. Mary Elizabeth	b. Apr. 27, 1846, m. Seaborn F. Mills, Sr.
4. Solomon P.	b. Jan. 9, 1850, m. Sarah Highsmith, dau. of Allen.
5. Catherine M.	b. June 20, 1854, m. Rev. Joseph Mills.
6. James A.	b. Feb., 24, 1856, m. Jane Highsmith, Jan. 21, 1876, dau. of 
7. Wiley R.	b. Nov. 10, 1859, m. Elizabeth Leigh, dau. of 	James W.

In the creation of Charlton County out of Camden in 1854, Mr. Wainwright 
was included in the new county. He served as Tax-collector and Receiver of 
Tax Returns (offfices combined) of Charlton county, 1862-1864, and as 
Tax-collector 1864-1866. In 1871 he was elected Coroner but declined the 
office. He died at his home in Charlton county in March, 1897, and was 
buried at nearby Sardis Church. His wife preceded him in death.
Mr. Wainwright served several enlistments in the Seminole Indian War in 
183841, as follows: Private in Capt. E.D. Tracy's company of Camden County 
militia, July 30 to Sept. 4, 1838; 2nd. Sergeant in Capt. Tracy's company, 
Nov. 1, 1838, to Jan. 31, 1839; Private in Capt. H.E.W. Clark's company, 
Camden County militia, Aug. 23 to Sept. 23, 1840, and again Sept. 24 to 
Nov. 23, 1840; and again Nov. 23, 1840, to May 29, 1841. He was granted an 
Indian War pension in 1892, on his application dated Sept. 6, 1892; and 
drew the pension until his death.
Note: In his pension application he stated he was 75 years old; the 1850 
Census says he was then 30 years old. The son, Solomon P. Wainwright, moved 
to Levy Co. Fla., where he lived until his death.


Joseph Wainwright, Jr. was born in Wayne, now Charlton County in 1837 and 
spent his entire life there. He was married in 1859 to Rebecca Herndon, 
born 1831 in Appling County, daughter of George Herndon of that county 
(Vol. III). They had eight children, viz:

1 . Phillip	b. 1860,	m. Rosetta Taylor, Nov. 8, 1881; 2nd Leila Taylor, 
both daughters of Daniel Taylor.
2. Ashley	b. 1869,	m. died single, 1912.
3. Rachel	b. 1865,	m. Charles Francis Anderson, Dec. 22, 1879.
4. Jane	b. 1862,	m. Joseph Henry Highsmith.
5. Lanie	b. 1868,	m. John Knowles.
6. Frances	b. 1873,	m. Simon Howard.
7. Sophronia	b. 1877,	m. Evans Taylor, Jr. (1st c to Rossetta and Leila, 
8. Archibald	b. 1875,	m. Mary Johns, dau. of James.

Joseph Wainwright lived near Burnt Fort on the Satilla River in northeast 
Charlton County. He and his wife were members of Corinth Primitive Baptist 
Church near their home. He died in 1885, and his wife died in 1900. They 
were buried in the large cemetery at Corinth Church, graves marked.

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