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Joseph Wainwright, ancestor of most of the name in Wiregrass Georgia, was 
born in 1798 in North Carolina.  His wife, Lanie, was also born in that 
state the same year.  They had a large family of children, names of all of 
which have not yet been learned.  The following were nine of the children:

1. Roxie	b. 1818, m. John Highsmith, son of Jacob.
2. Lanie	b.1821, m. Thomas H. Albritton, son of Thomas.
3. John Ashley	b. 1824, m. Bathsheba McClellan, daughter of Andrew.
4. Lydia	b. 1825, m. Wiley Knox.
5. Elizabeth	b. 1825, never married.
6. Mary	b. 1826, never married.
7. Robert J.	b. 1830, m. Susan _____.
8. W. Henry	b. 1831, m. Mary _____.
9. Joseph	b. 1838, m. Rebecca Herndon, daughter of George.

The Wainwright family moved from North Carolina to Wayne County, now 
Brantley County, in 1829 and settled in the southern part of the county. 
 Mr. Wainwright served in Capt. James Walker's company of Ware County 
militia in the Indian War in 1838, also later that year served an 
enlistment in Capt. Daniel N. Cone's company of Camden County militia.
Mr. Wainwright and his wife died soon after the Civil War and were buried 
in a family burying ground near the present village of Hickox, Brantley 
County; graves unmarked.

Census References:  1840, 1850, 1860, Wayne.


James Wainwright was born 1788 in Pitt County, N.C., son of James 
Wainwright of that county. He was married when he moved to Georgia in the 
1820s, but it has not been learned who his first wife was. She died about 
1835, and he married Nancy Robinson, born 1819 in Wayne County, daughter of 
Noah Robinson. In the following list of his children the first five were by 
his first wife and the remainder by the second wife:

1. James	b. 1820, m. Mary Murhee, dau. of Edward.
2. Elizabeth	b. 1823, in. John H. Malphus, Jr., Feb. 11, 1841.
3. Hester	b. 1825, m. Ezekiel O'Steen, June 10, 1841.
4. Averilla	b. 1828, m. James S. Conner, Nov. 23, 1847.
5. Joseph	b. 1833, m. Candacy Harris, May 14, 1857, dau. of Ebenezer.
6. Robinson	b. 1838, m. (unknown).
7. John E.	b. 1839,	m. Mary Ann Brown, Dec. 22, 1860, dau. of Jesse.
8. Noah T.	b. 1841, m. Elizabeth Knox, dau. of Wiley, Feb. 26, 1867.
9. Elias K.	b. 1843, m. Easter Knox, dau. of Wiley, Dec. 21, 1865.
10. Nancy	b. 1846, m. 1st. Robert Vickery; 2nd. Banner L. Dowling.
11. Alice	b. 1847, prob. died young.
12. Isaac	b. 1850, prob. died young.
13. George	b. 1851, m. Mary A. McClellan, dau. of Andrew.
14. Julia A.	b. 1852, m. Ebenezer Harris, Jr.
15. Sarah A.	b. 1858, m. (unknown).

James Wainwright and his brother, Joseph, came to Georgia about 1815-20, 
and to Wayne County about 1825-27. James was a resident of Wayne when he 
drew land in the 1827 land lottery, but was not there in the 1820 census. 
About 1830-35 he moved to Camden County and settled in the portion made 
into Charlton County 1854. He served as a Justice of Charlton Inferior 
Court, 1857-61.
Mr. Wainwright died in Charlton County in Feb., 1870. His son, James, Jr., 
was the administrator on his estate.
His son, William Robinson Wainwright, enlisted as a private March 4, 1862, 
in Co. "F", 26th Volunteer Regiment, Georgia Infantry; he was admitted sick 
to General Hospital No. 4, Richmond, Va., Oct. 31, 1862, and died there 
Sept. 1, 1863. Three other sons, Noah T., John E., and Elias K., were in 
the same company but survived the war. Noah T. lost an arm in the battle of 
Wilderness, Va., May 5, 1864, and was granted a disability discharge.

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