Wagon Road Map******Cousar"s - Wilma Brown
Subject: Wagon Road Map******Cousar"s
From: Wilma Brown
Date: September 06, 1998

Steven or whoever can help,
       I didn't find the website to go back to .The map I need is about
the WAGON ROAD built in 1701?It started in Lancaster,Pa.and went west
then dropped down through Augusta Co.Va.then it came on down south then
went over to Lancaster,S.C.The day I found it my printer went out of
whack and I couldn't print it.I just didn't write down where I found it
in the S.Csection.I have looked but I cannot "find"it!!
      I am compiling records on all Cousar's from Lancaster,S.C.Related
lines are Montgomery/Nelson/Hood/Baskin/Placo/Dunlap and many more.
Would like e-mail from these decendents.
      I will a copy of a Bill of Sale dated 1820 of a black man to 
Martha Cousar whom(I presume) is my G.G.Grandmother.It was in the truck
of my G.Uncle John Cousar/Cowsar.I also have a quilt made by my Great-
Grandfathers mother(I assume Martha)in 1822 just before she died when he
was 19.His name was Jonathan Freeland Cousart/Cousar(Jr.??)- (b.1803
Lancaster Co.S.C.)This would be fairly near Lancaster,S.C. 
      There is a cemetery nr.Reno,Texas called Nelson Cemetery that
early settlers(1877)that came from Peden,Miss.I will stop here and do
another e-mail on Peden's.Ph:1-817-534-2468
                                                     Sincerely yours,

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