Re: Wadkins/Watkins- reply from Polly Poole Craig - MACRECO
Subject: Re: Wadkins/Watkins- reply from Polly Poole Craig
Date: March 04, 1998

Dear Lois,
I had just decided to try and start researching the Watkins family and I saw
your email on the Roots- L list...
My father's family was located in Sumter, Co. SC in the 1790's
Fleming Tynes born 1750 in Hallifax or Henrico. Co.Va.- was living in Sumter.
Co SC in 1790 - migrated to Ms. and then  E. Feliciana parish La. in 1810.
Feming Tynes married Melisa Watkins ( when? in   Sumter before  1785 probably)
this union produced  at least seven children one of which
Anna Eliza Tynes married Robert PPool  in  Sumter,SC (probably) in 1808 about
Another daughter Martha ,married William Pool , Robert's brother in Ms in
1812.                    I found a letter recently  TO :  The  Collins, Tynes,
Pool Watkins Family written in 1929 from a lawyer  hired by these families to
establish a link to Issac Jennings in Va. and thus a claim to an Englis
Uriah Watkins is mentioned as the father to Melisa.
Also, some of my family list Nazara Pool ( brother to Robert and William) as
marrying as first wife a ______ Watkins.
Would any of these Watkins be among your family ?
Thank you, Polly Poole Craig < McAllen,TX>

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