Re: Wadkins/Watkins - MACRECO
Subject: Re: Wadkins/Watkins
Date: March 05, 1998

Lois, I am turning up more Watkins...
Fleming Watkins is a witness to Robert PPool's petition to the court in 1805
inSumterSC district to confirm Robert is 21 yrs of age inorder that he may
administer his father Seth Pettypool estate.Also, we show Nazareth PPool
marries Elizabeth Watkins in Sumter SC before 1816 and as I mentioned Fleming
Tynes marries Melissa Watkins.  Several other references to Watkins.. Uriah ,
etc. through the Jennings family in SC through to Ms.and La.
Also, I notice that there is mention made of  a Rev. James Watkins who marries
Robert Pool and Nancy Boyd on 4-4-1789 in Halifax co. Va.
Thanks,Polly Poole Craig

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