WADE/GRAVES 1752 , WADE/HODGE 1797 - Eldon Wade
Subject: WADE/GRAVES 1752 , WADE/HODGE 1797
From: Eldon Wade
Date: June 04, 2000

This message is going to more than one list so if anyone is on more than one
of these lists they may receive this email multiple times and I apologize
for that in advance.
Does anyone have any info on the following individuals or their children?
	William WADE married Mary GRAVES on 7-12-1752 in SC
	Noel WADE married Mary HODGE on 12-21-1797 in SC
I am especially interested in the names of the children of each of these
couples.  Any info would be very appreciated.
	Source:  South Carolina Mag. of Ancestral Research, Vol. 5, # 3 (1675-1858)

One liner:	Genealogists don't die, they just lose their census


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