Wade Hampton from Early Wills of Camden Dist. 1784 - Macreco
Subject: Wade Hampton from Early Wills of Camden Dist. 1784
From: Macreco
Date: July 31, 1998

page 373-373  -original list found  in the estate file of  William Ricardson

State of indents (long list) forward to  :
Wade Hampton note  26 of Feb.  1784; 
Robert Lewis to Seth Pettypool  28 of April 1784,note in possession of
Daniel Hart note  28 April 1784

Edward Watts order on Genl Huger in Possession of Lackey Bradford

Matthew Gale note to F Woodroof for 50 pounds and his own note to
WR Left with J Pinckney to be sued

further down   
Genl Marion order on Thomas Dunlap in possession of John Smith


Then I have 

Robert Wade,Sr. died 1770 Halifax,Va. 
+ Elizabeth Hampton born 1720

Downey Wade
+Martha Richardson   married 1806  NC
Hamton R Wade
Robert Wade
George Washington Wade
GW Wade

Histories of  Old Granville Co 1746 -1800   
Southern Historical Press , Granville Press ,SC ?

on Roads
Oct. 18, 1769      ordered that the hands of  John Pettypool,Seth Pettypool,
Charles Wade
Charles Harris,I'sl Winfree,Joseph Chandler, Joseph Gill, Samuel Whitehead,
Ambrose  Jones, James Conway, William Hart  work on the
road from Richard Duty's to Thomas Mutters store under Ambrose Gayle

I do not know the line of the Civil War general - Wade Hampton.
Or if his line is rooted to these early Wades .

Polly Poole Craig

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