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Subject: Waddell
From: Trevilians
Date: July 31, 1998


I am trying to find any information on Alexander Waddell that married Nancy ?
It appears they had a son named James, that married Lucy ? This family was
found in Spartanburg, SC in 1850.  It appears their son James and his wife
Lucy died when their children were very young, and then Alexander and Nancy
raised their grandchildren.  

Both James (30) and Lucy (24) Waddell are found in the 1850 Spartanburg, SC
Census.  Living with them are Alexander (82) and Nancy (70) Waddell.   Based
upon a later will found for Nancy, that names her son as being James,
deceased, and her grandchildren as Langston and Ann, I have assumed (1) Nancy
and Alexander are the parents of James, and (2) James and Lucy are the parents
of Langston and Ann.  

If anyone has any information, or suggestions, I would appreciate your help.
Thank You.

Wayne Dunn
[email protected]

Descendants of Alexander Waddell
	1  	Alexander Waddell	b: Abt. 1768		
..		+Nancy Unknown	b: Abt. 1780 in SC		d: Abt. 1869 in SC
.....	2  	James Waddell	b: Abt. 1820 in SC		
.........		+Lucy A. Unknown	b: Abt. 1826 in SC	m: Abt. 1849	
.............	3  	Langston Waddell	b: Abt. 1850		
.............	3  	Annie D. Louize Waddell	b: Jul 1852 in Spartanburg Co.,
.................		+John B. Delvaux	b: Mar 1851 in France	m: Abt. 1875	

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