Re: Re: VOLUNTEER LOOKUPS - SC census 1790 - Pathoscafe
Subject: Re: Re: VOLUNTEER LOOKUPS - SC census 1790
From: Pathoscafe
Date: June 20, 2000

Thanks for the kudos, Ruth!!!!  

Just wish we had a website somewhere on which to post this stuff!  I'd love 
to forward all the successful results to a central spot (like the GenWeb 
sites for counties), but don't know anywhere to send these!  At lease they'll 
be available thru the archives!  Hard to know whether to change the subject 
line to the surname each time and have to retype the source in each e-mail, 
or leave the source (ie the book or census list) as the heading and list the 
families in the body as I've been doing (easier--but is it best for the 
archives?)   Any ideas?

Cyndi in Baltimore
P.S.  Still doing look-ups and will post my ancestor info soon.  Also to 
Huguenot list...
P.P.S.  Will get back to you  with look-ups Ruth!  I'll have a few!  Thanks 
for your generosity also!

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