Re: Re: VOLUNTEER LOOKUPS - SC census 1790 - David Summer
Subject: Re: Re: VOLUNTEER LOOKUPS - SC census 1790
From: David Summer
Date: June 20, 2000

I would appreciate it if you could lookup and copy to me any info on the
SUMMER clan in the 96th district area.
I live in the Chicago area.... need any info from this area? Thanks for
your help.
David Summer
[email protected]

On Tue, 20 Jun 2000 16:45:17 EDT [email protected] writes:
> Hi List,
> I would like to thank Cyndi in Baltimore for her time in doing 
> lookups in the 
> ANNALS OF ST.THOMAS & ST. DENIS 1680-1884. I'm sure it is very much 
> appreciated by all.
> I have on loan for 30 days the First Census of the United States, 
> 1790 -  SC, 
> covering the below counties:
> Beaufort District 
> Camden District
> Charleston District
> Cheraw District
> Georgetown District
> Ninety-Six District
> Orangeburgh District
> I would like to join Cyndi in offering volunteer lookups for any 
> researcher 
> on the list requesting. Please leave your surnames, given names and 
> your 
> personal e-mail address. 
> Note: There are many surnames that are slave holders, however no 
> names of 
> slaves, just numbers.
> Ruth in NC  e-mail: [email protected]    Rootsweb Sponsor
> > 

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