Re: Vital Information - MDTeat
Subject: Re: Vital Information
From: MDTeat
Date: February 18, 1999

Good For You!!! Myself, Son, Daughter-In-Law toured Andersonville Prison
last year. what a great place, they have done a great job of perserving it.

> From: Jane Benson 
> To: [email protected]
> Subject: Vital Information
> Date: Tuesday, February 16, 1999 3:37 PM
> Any paper that provides important documentation/verification is very
> necessary in researching our ancestors.  Age, date of birth, place of
> birth, parent's names, etc. are very vital pieces of information that
> not be overlooked no matter what.  I know at least 153 members on this
> that will be very happy for me when I tell you that I am now in the
> of being able to obtain a tombstone marker for my great grandfather,
> Ashley, who served as a guard at the prison in Andersonville during the
> Civil War.  Thanks to my research and the documents that I have been able
> to obtain, it is now becoming a reality.  It should be about 8 months
> before the actual placement of the tombstone marker and in that length of
> time I am hoping for a miracle for I am still hopeful of learning who my
> Reuben's parents were.  But, even without that vital piece of
> I cannot stress enough the importance of making sure that all of your
> information is documented and verified.  Without it, you have no proof of
> who your ancestors were or that they even lived.

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