Vital Information - Jane Benson
Subject: Vital Information
From: Jane Benson
Date: February 16, 1999

Any paper that provides important documentation/verification is very
necessary in researching our ancestors.  Age, date of birth, place of
birth, parent's names, etc. are very vital pieces of information that must
not be overlooked no matter what.  I know at least 153 members on this list
that will be very happy for me when I tell you that I am now in the process
of being able to obtain a tombstone marker for my great grandfather, Reuben
Ashley, who served as a guard at the prison in Andersonville during the
Civil War.  Thanks to my research and the documents that I have been able
to obtain, it is now becoming a reality.  It should be about 8 months
before the actual placement of the tombstone marker and in that length of
time I am hoping for a miracle for I am still hopeful of learning who my
Reuben's parents were.  But, even without that vital piece of information,
I cannot stress enough the importance of making sure that all of your
information is documented and verified.  Without it, you have no proof of
who your ancestors were or that they even lived.

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