Visitor - Dora Linton Aldridge
Subject: Visitor
From: Dora Linton Aldridge
Date: September 22, 1999

I don't understand the flap that is going on about the poem.
If you have worked for a newspaper or a government facility FREEDOM OF
INFORMATION is a biggy.  The poem was apparently not to ones liking and
to several others it was acceptable.  Well I see this as a possible 
clue.  Was this person related to one of my lines? If not, where was
this person at the time of the writing?  Hey if we find the author and I
hope we do.  It will be a treasure to some one some where it needs to be
seen to know we are looking for it's writer someone somewhere has an
original.  It would be nice for them to share.  I do appreciate
of opinion.  This is AMERICA.  D in Arkansas

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