Visa Anderson Lout Parmer - Lelia Davis
Subject: Visa Anderson Lout Parmer
From: Lelia Davis
Date: May 24, 1998

Hello Darlene-Thanks for the information.  There is some controversy
about the 2 daughter's of Bailey Anderson.  However, Visa Anderson was
listed as Bailey Anderson's 9th child and as married to John Lout, in
the "DAR Roster of Texas Daughter Revolutionary Ancestors in 1976.  It
seems that she had many names (Elvira/Visa/Lovisa).  This document had
Lavinia who married William Kirby, in Kentucky, as the 5th child.  I
hope this information is correct as I used it in Daughter's of Texas
Revolution application and it passed.  I do know my ancestor was married
to John Lout and after his death she married Martin Parmer.  Her son
Pinckney Lout fought in the "Seige of Bexar" during the Texas
Revolution.  This family if really interesting and has been fun to
research.  Thanks again for your help!
Lelia Davis

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