Re: Victory Mills, Rock Hill (or red river) SC - Historical Center
Subject: Re: Victory Mills, Rock Hill (or red river) SC
From: Historical Center
Date: April 09, 1999


        According to Douglas Summers Brown's book "A City Without Cobwebs; A
History of Rock Hill, SC", your Victory Mill may be Victoria Cotton Mill
(organized 1889 to about 1936), it was located on Wilson St. There was also
a Victoria #2, located on W. Main St., it also closed in 1936. I also
checked for Clyde Harry Holliman, but could not find any infomation on him
in our family histories or the death indexes we have.

David Walker

At 08:50 AM 4/7/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Does anyone have any information about the textile mill, VICTORY MILL, which
>was located near Rock Hill SC?
>My wife's grandfather worked there for years.  We have no information on
>Clyde Harry Holliman, except that he is in the Rock Hill city directory for
>1924, that he worked as a marker for Victory Mills, and supposedly died in
>1932 - no death certificate is on file for him!
>Eddie Mikell
>UVA Medical Center

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