Re: Very Early TRUESDALE's - Dr. Virginia Kobler
Subject: Re: Very Early TRUESDALE's
From: Dr. Virginia Kobler
Date: August 02, 1998

I have been searching many years for some proof that my ancestress, Mary,
who married Sterling Horton in Kershaw County c. 1800, was the daughter of
John Truesdel as asserted in a couple of old genealogies. Do you know of a
family Bible or a complete listing of John's children?

Yours, Ginny K.

A look-see at our "carrier".......
>Revolutionary War Veteran - Private, South Carolina Militia Served in
>Col. Joseph Kershaw's Regiment [DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition,
>Part 3, page 2981.]
> Came to the US in 1772 aboard the brigantine "FREE MASON", landing at
>the port of Charleston.  Petitioned the immigrant council for his bounty
>land on 06 Jan 1773.  As one of 53 eligible passengers, including several
>neighbors from the Rathfriland area, John was in line for an immigrant
>bounty of 250 acres of land.  All petitioners were certified as being
>properly accredited protestants in good standing [meaning at the time
>Anglicans].  Only six of the petitioners were able to pay for their
>warrants, John not being one of these.  Based on his grants, John
>Truesdel settled in the Flat Rock between the present county seat of
>Kershaw Co and Heath Springs.
>John was a poor correspondent, not writing to his people back in Kinghill
>until 1792, twenty years after his departure.
>In places, through errors, Molly is given the surname of "Miller".  She
>was a Hollingsworth, sister of half sister of Hena Hollingsworth [see
>letter of 1773].  The Hollingsworth tradition parallels that of the
>Truesdale - Cromwellian soldier at Drogheda, moving later to County Down.
> While Molly must have been a Presbyterian in order to marry John
>Truesdel, elsewhere in Ireland at this time the Hollingsworths were
>Quakers.  Both John and Molly are buried in unmarked graves above Kershaw
>toward Heath Springs.
>Listed in the DAR Patriot Index-Centennial Edition - Volume # 3, page #
>2981. Received 300 acres of land on Hanging Rock Creek on 5 Jun 1786 as
>"Bounty Land" for service during the Revolutionary War.  Sold the land to
>Hollingsworth on 18 Sep 1817 for $150.oo.
>John's wife, Mary, was well along in a pregnancy prior to their departure
>from Ireland.  During the voyage, she delivered twin boys, one of whom
>was stillborn.  The one who lived was named Hollingsworth.  The stillborn
>boy, who was buried at sea, was given the name of "Seaborn".  Since that
>time, the name has been used frequently by not only the
>Truesdel/dell/dale families, but also by other lines who married into the
>family as a way of perpetuating the story of the twin who did not make
>Shows on 1800 Census, Kershaw Dist.: 1/-/-/1/-/1/-/1/-/-//-/-/
>Addition to the emigration information above....the "FREE MASON" was part
>of a 5 ship group that sailed from Ireland to Charlestown, SC in October
>of 1772, landing there in December 1772.....the land bounty was figured
>at 100 acres for head of household, and 50 acres each for other taxable
>persons of the same family....since John could not afford the bounty
>price, he was left with the option of taking "lesser quality" land
>further inland, so he chose the land in Camden District.....the 5 ships
>were under the "leadership" of one Reverend William Martin, bringing
>about 800 "seceeders" with him to the US....
>John Truesdel was shown on the manifest as John Thursdale............
>Further information concerning the emigration of this large group of
>people aboard the five ships of the Rev. Martin; the ships were the
>"FREE MASON".  These ships did not arrive together, but came over
>individually over a period of weeks.  The average travel time then was 7
>- 9 weeks.
>LORD DUNLUCE sailed from Larne on Oct. 4, 1772 (this is the largest of
>the ships and the one Rev. Martin sailed on)
>PENNSYLVANIA FARMER sailed from Belfast on Oct. 16, 1772
>HOPEWELL sailed from Belfast on Oct. 19, 1772
>FREE MASON- 250 tons. Master John Semple: agen, J. W. & G. Glenry. Hill
>Wilson, Geo Anderson. Wm. Booth, Merchant, Owners. Sailed from Newry on
>Oct. 27, 1772

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