Re: VAUGHAN and WALKER - Lois O Malley
Subject: Re: VAUGHAN and WALKER
From: Lois O Malley
Date: June 26, 1999

Dear Felicia,

I'm in the early stages of my search.  
	Lina Ethleen VAUGHAN (my grandmother on my father's 	side)b. 1882, d.
1959......her father was
	Samuel L. VAUGHAN, b. 1838, d 1915/16...his wife was
	Janie WALKER (no info yet on her)

There certainly is a possibility of a William or Hundley, although Vaughan
is a pretty common name around Greenville.  I will hold on to your e-mail
and will be in touch if I find anything referring to them or Garland and
Sylvannus Walker.  Where would they be in your family tree?  Are both lines
in your tree (Vaughan and Walker)?  I'm always looking for relatives!!!!!
Regards, Lois

At 10:02 AM 6/26/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Lois et al:  I would like to know more about your Vaughans (any William or
>Hundley Vaughans?) and your Janie Walker.  Does anyone have any information
>on a Garland Walker, son of Sylvannus Walker who died 1813 in Greenville?
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>Date: Saturday, June 26, 1999 9:41 AM
>Subject: Re: 1870 Census Index?
Lois, We had Elizabeth Brown to marry a Simmons in Greenville County,S.C.
the will of John Brown He mentions a Hiram Simmons. Would love to learn
on these familles. Louise [email protected]

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