Various - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Various
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: November 24, 1998

I'm removing these messages from an old SCRoots guestbook.  Thought I would post
them for the archives before doing so.

From: Derrell Oakley Teat ([email protected])
Date: Fri Sep 25 21:20:33 1998
Subject: Lost Oakley's
Trying to find ANY info on : John, William ,Fielden, and Sarah Oakley counted in
Abbeville Cty in 1800. John is made guardian of 2 boys over 14 in May 1815. John
dies in Nov 1815. William buys at estate sale., so I assume the boys were
Fielden's. They all disappear after 1815. Different William born approx. 1790's
Pickens Cty 1830, William Oakley & family. Abbeville Cty 1840, William dies in
1840's & is buried around Level Land & Little River I think. Any info on ANY
Oakley before 1800 & after in Abbeville Cty and ANY Oakley in upper SC before
1830 is greatly appreciated. Thank You for You Time & Trouble Derrell Oakley

From: Doug Bostick ([email protected])
Date: Mon Sep 14 13:31:51 1998
Subject: James Island history.
I am writing a history on pre-Civil War James Island with focus on the Colonial
and Ante-bellum periods. I am interested in any information, maps, letters,
family journals, etc. covering this period. Noted family names include: Bee,
Burch, Clark, Dill, Ellis, Frampton, Freer, Godber, Heyward, Hinson, Holmes,
Lawton, Lebby, Legare', McLeod, Mellichamp, Mikell, Minott, Rivers, Royall,
Seabrook, Stiles, and Taylor.
Also, looking for any information about a shipyard & shipbuilder on James
Island, 1743 - 1772; and a racetrack on James Island, 1750-1788? 

From: Doug Bostick ([email protected])
Date: Mon Sep 14 13:18:02 1998
Subject: Levi T. Bostick
Levi T. Bostick was noted in the 1850 & 1860 census in Darlington County, South
Carolina. Per his noted age he would have been born in 1818; wife- Elizabeth,
born 1822; daughter Martha A., born 1845; and son Joseph Pinckney, born 1848. We
do not know where they came from. Speculation has been they came from Louisiana.
Any information would be helpful. There is a Levi Bostick listed in the 1800
Darlington County Census. Could have been the father of Levi T.???

From: jim mccarter ([email protected])
Date: Fri Sep 11 14:55:04 1998
Subject: owens, harrison 
Harrison Owens b 1803 in s.c. married an eliza from ill. had one child Clinton
C. b 1834 ill. one child Marge L. b 1832 miss. following b in Texas, Prestion b
1838, lucinda b 1840, George W. 1842, Mary E b 6 sep 1844, Misourian b 1846.
Harrison is my ggf, Mary e, gm. if anyone could help me on information it would
be deeply appricated. Thanks, Jim

From: Frank GRAY ([email protected])
Date: Thu Sep 3 22:23:02 1998
My maternal G-Father was Peter DUST b. 1820 according to 1850 Edgefield census.
Wife Nancy. Would like to know his father's name or siblings. My Paternal G-Pa
was William T. GRAY b. 1849 in Anderson SC. His wife was Adeline Calhoun BEARD.
Her parents were John BEARD and Mary FOSTER. Know nothing about the Beards or
Fosters. Have plenty on G-pa GRAY on down and the DUST/DURST on down. Very
little previously. Thanks F.GRY

From: Lamar Gulledge ([email protected])
Date: Wed Sep 2 10:48:30 1998
Subject: Bessie Belle Murphy Gulledge
I am searching for any information on my grandmother Bessie Belle Murphy.She was
born in S.C. Jan 15,1894.Married my grandfather Elijah Graham Gulledge approx
1910.My father Elijah Lamar Gulledge was Born in Georgetown May 2,1911.She Died
Oct 16,1913 the place of death and burial are unknown,but is believed to be
S.C.I would like help finding her grave site or any other info

From: Gabrielle Moore ([email protected])
Date: Sun Aug 30 21:53:00 1998
Subject: Nesbitt Family Research
I have been searching the Nesbitts of South Carolina for close at least ten
years. I am looking for anyone who has information on this family in preferably
Spartanburg, SC and secondarily Lancaster, Co. The connected names are Snoddy,
Hadden, Anderson, Miller, Grisham, Coan, Evins, Gaston. Many of these are names
of people who married into the Nesbitt line or who had Nesbitts that married
into its line.

From: Nina Sites ([email protected])
Date: Mon Aug 10 12:53:10 1998
Subject: Howard family of Greenville Co.
I am searching the Howard family of Glassy Mountain area in Greenville Co. My
g-grandfather Nineava Howard I believe was the son of James Howard and Clarinda.
Nineava's name is never spelled the same way twice so it is hard to find him in
each census. James died in May of 1856 leaving 10 minor children and his widow.
The estate was sold and the debts paid off. In 1860 a petion was filed in name
of the children for the remaining money to be given back. I haven't been able to
find out where the widow and her children went. Perhaps they were split up and
taken in by the surrounding Howard families in the area. Nineava was born in
1840 and married Nancy Peace who was born in Pickens S.C. I think he was in
Laurens Co. in 1860,1870, census. If someone has this census would like a lookup
for him. Hoping it lists his children.  I do know that Nineava returned to
Anderson S.C. in 1907 after a long abscence through paper work that Nancy filled
out. He d

From: Jean Heffron ROYAL ([email protected])
Date: Fri Aug 7 09:49:02 1998
Subject: HEFFERNAN, Dennis 1851
I am looking for information on Dennis HEFFERNAN b. 1826 Ireland. I don't know
how he got to America but by 1851 he was in Charleston, SC with his wife
Margaret THOMAS and their child, William b.1850 Mobile, AL. They had three more
children all born in Charleston: James 1852, Margaret 1859 and John Edward 1862.
Dennis was a Wheelwright who owned a shop on Calhoun Street. Dennis' wife died
in 1866 of an accident and Dennis died in 1868. They are buried in St. Lawrence
Cemetery and so are all of their children.  if anyone has any information,
please contact me. I would like to know where in Ireland thet came from.

From: Anne Dreher Propst ([email protected])
Date: Wed Jul 29 09:50:46 1998
Subject: Family Research
Would like a documented source for the first Dreher to arrive in SC somewhere
around 1744/45. What was his port of entry? I know that Godfrey Dreher received
a land grant in 1744 of 150 acres. but it has always been thought that his
father was Johannes Dreher who came into PA in 1738 but more recent research
does not verify this. Any documented information would be appreciated.

From: Chris Hall ([email protected])
Date: Sat Jul 25 00:47:59 1998
Subject: John HALL VA>Pendleton District SC ca 1780
Looking for info on this family. Moved from Halifax CO Va late 1780's. Father
was William HALL Jr. mother perhaps Elizabeth Choice. Sons include Nathaniel,
John (my ancestor),Fenton, and Sarah Hall Dejarnette. Any info before or after
their move from VA greatly appreciated

From: DGAINEY ([email protected])
Date: Fri Jul 24 19:32:55 1998

From: Susan ([email protected])
Date: Fri Jul 24 14:16:20 1998
Subject: ROSE family 
Searching for ancestry info on John A. Rose (1833-1912) married to Rebecca Love.
Descendants lived in Florence County, SC, and most likely in nearby counties, as
well. He was in McGowan's Brigade.

From: Fred Hawthorne ([email protected])
Date: Thu Jul 23 12:42:31 1998
Thomas Hawthorne b05/01/1809 married (Polly) Ann Lyons/Richey b 11/18/1812 in
the old 96 district/Abbeville Co. SC. (I think that Polly's mother was Elizabeth
(Betsey)Cowan who married a ??? Lyons (I suspect they produced some children)and
then Betsey married William Richey. (Her second and his third) If Betsey and ??
Lyons did not produce these children they could have been a product of William
Richey's first marriage to an unknow woman. Betsey & William were not married
until 1819....Polly used the name Richey when she married Thomas Hawthorne. I
would like to clear up this confussion and then I would like to find Thomas
Hawthorne's parents (or brothers and sisters). I have found a lot of reference
to a Andrew Cowan Hawthorne who would be about the right age to have been a
brother. Can anyone help me with this confusing problem??

From: Viyetta Brown ([email protected])
Date: Wed Jul 22 20:36:22 1998
Subject: YELDELL/YELLDELL Research
I am looking for SALLY and ANTHONY (TONIE) YELDELL/YELLDELL they were married
and living in EDGEFIELD SC for a while and they also lived in PLUM BRANCH, they
had several children I think at least one my great grandmother MARGARET
YELDELL/YELLDELL born Mar 16, 1845 and died July 20, 1920. I would greatly
appreciate any and all help. Thanks in advance, Viyetta Brown

From: Deborah West ([email protected])
Date: Sat Jul 18 14:20:44 1998
Subject: ASKEW family
I am searching for a JOHN ASKEW, ASKEY, or ASQUITH from SC in the early 1800s. I
think two of his daughters were Rebecca and SARAH who was my ancestor. They
moved to MD around 1840. It seems to be a dead-end. THANKS!

From: Maggie ([email protected])
Date: Wed Jul 15 23:15:19 1998
Subject: Looking for roots
In Lexington County: Michael (1830) and Frances Ponds family information.
(Hollow Creek 1880 Census shows him as age 50 with children Bascom,
Cromwell,Thomas, Mary, Estelle, and George) In Saluda Township: James & Caroline
Thornton. Children: Ella, Julia, Green, Henry, John, Columbus Frank, and Lizzie.
1880 Census p487B, household 184. Any prior information. Must have been on
plantation in prior censuses. 

From: Debbie ([email protected])
Date: Thu Jul 9 14:18:46 1998
Subject: C A R D W E L L 1795-1800
Searching for parents of John CARDWELL. Born around 1795-1800. 1850 census
states as to being born in South Carolina. Married in Oglethorpe  county, Ga. in
1816 to Pheraby Gosdin. Had 8 children. Died in Al. Can anyone connect to this
family? Thanks for any replies. Debbie

From: Anne Wiggins Wallace ([email protected])
Date: Fri Jul 3 00:05:41 1998
Subject: research on surnames
I am interested in any information regarding the following surnames: my paternal
RHEUARK, STOKES, HUCKS, RISHER. Thanks for any information. Anne Wiggins Wallace

From: M. Thompson ([email protected])
Date: Thu Jul 2 16:45:09 1998
Subject: BUCKLEY Family
Hello, I am seeking ANY information on the name BUCKLEY, Thomas. He was born in
Charleston about 1840 and lived there until about 1866. That is the total of
info. we have on our GGGrandfather. Have been unable to find anything on him or
his family. Any assistance would be appreciated. I will share details of his
later life in New Orleans where he married and raised a family. Thanks.

From: Debbie Byrd ([email protected])
Date: Fri Jun 26 15:26:57 1998
Subject: Olde 96 and Edgefield Districts
I started cataloging founding families of Newberry County more than a year ago.
I have used the Simms/Brown book, Annals of Newberry, Vol 1&2, Reminisces (?) of
Newberry County, History of Edgefield District, and personal documents, notes
From Bibles, etc. I created a family tree with more than 6,000 individuals on it
who are all related to each other (directly & indirectly) using Family Tree
Maker. The following family names I have information on and would be willing to
share: Able, Abney, Aull, Ballentine, Barre, Bobb, Boozer, Boulware, Bowers,
Boyd, Brooks, Brown, Butler, Caldwell, Calmes, Campbell, Cannon, Chalmers,
Chapman, Clark, Counts (Koontz), Cromer, DeWalt, Dickert, Dominick, Dreher,
Eichelberger, Eleazar, Epting, Fair, Feagle, Fellers, Fitzgerald, Folk, Fulmer,
Gary, Gibson, Graham, Gray, Haltiwanger, Hamilton, Harris, Hausihl (Houseal),
Henderson, Higgins, Hipp, Jacobs, Johnstone, Kibler, Kinard, Kohn, Koone (Koon),
Kuhn, Lake, Leg

From: N.G. Chesnutt ([email protected])
Date: Sun Jun 21 17:17:37 1998
Subject: Gettys & Pearce
Looking for information about John Gettys who arrived in Charleston from Ireland
around 1790. Also researching Pearce, Sowell, Reese, Team families of Kershaw Ct
and Stateburg, SC

From: ruth krems ([email protected])
Date: Sat Jun 20 17:10:55 1998
Subject: James Frank McManus/Catherine E. Marshall
Trying to find parents of My gg grandfather, JAMES FRANK MCMANUS. bORN cIRCA
1852, died 27 July 1891 or 1897. married Catherine E. Marshall born circa 1851
(or 1849 or 1856), died 25 Sept. 1899. Both buried in Mt. Zion Baptist Church in
CAmden,Kershaw County, SC. Children were Inez, Mary, Maude, Margaret and Arthur.
(Maude have also gone by the name of Lillian). I have found alot of McManus but
none to match my James Frank. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!(Been trying for over 10 years).
Please e-mail me at [email protected] if possible.

From: Chuck Harrell ([email protected])
Date: Fri Jun 12 23:32:43 1998
Descendants of Andrew J. Kennedy
Subject: Need info on ancestors of this family: Thanks......

Generation No. 1
1. ANDREW J.2 KENNEDY (WILLIAM1) was born 1823 in Marion District, SC, and died
1862-1864 in Marion County, SC. He married ANN OR NANCY FRANCES (KENNEDY) (2
WIVES) Unknown in ?. Children of ANDREW KENNEDY and ANN WIVES) are: i. WILLIAM3
KENNEDY, b. Abt. 1842, Marion County, SC. ii. AGNES KENNEDY, b. Abt. 1845,
Marion County, SC. 2. iii. WILLIAM JAMES KENNEDY, b. July 27, 1849, Jeffries
Township, MarionCounty, SC; d. August 07, 1908, Florence County, SC Bur: Bethel
FWB, Mars Bluff. iv. L. KENNEDY, b. 1853, Marion County, SC. v. JANE KENNEDY, b.
Abt. 1854, Marion County, SC. 3. vi. BLANEY EDWIN KENNEDY, b. August 31, 1856,
Marion County, SC Mars Bluff); d. May 14, 1899, Florence County, SC Bur Bethel
FWB, Mars Bluff. 4. vii. ANDREW MACDONALD KENNEDY, b. October 1859, Marion
County, SC; d. 1929, Marion County, SC  (Mullins) Cederdale Cem.. 5. viii. MARY

From: Chuck Harrell ([email protected])
Date: Fri Jun 12 23:28:51 1998
Need info on ancestors of this family; Thanks.......
Subject: Descendants of Eli Harrell

Generation No. 1
1. ELI1 HARRELL was born 1815 in Marion District, SC, and died Unknown in Marion
District, SC. He married ELIZABETH (HARRELL) Unknown in Marion Dristrict, SC.
1841, Marion District, SC; d. Unknown, Marion District, SC. ii. WESLEY HARRELL,
b. 1842, Marion District, SC; d. Unknown, ?. iii. SARAH HARRELL, b. 1843. iv.
SUSAN HARRELL, b. 1844. 3. v. SAMUEL ANDREW HARRELL, SR., b. April 09, 1845,
Marion District, SC; d. May 08, 1926, Florence County, SC Buried Mizpah Cem, Hwy
327, Florence, SC. vi. MARY HARRELL, b. 1846. vii. WILLIAM HARRELL, b. 1849. 4.
viii. NANCY HARRELL, b. 1859, Marion District, SC; d. 1918, Florence County, SC
Buried Bethel FWB Cem., Mars Bluff. ix. LULU HARRELL ( MOTHER UNKNOWN), b.

Generation No. 2
2. EPHRIAM2 HARRELL (ELI1) was born 1841 in Marion Dist

From: Chuck Harrell ([email protected])
Date: Fri Jun 12 23:26:56 1998
Need info on ancestors of this family.......Thanks
Subject: Descendants of David (Dave) Brooks

Generation No. 1
1. DAVID (DAVE)1 BROOKS was born Abt. 1845 in Eastern NC, and died Unknown in
Florence County, SC.  He married (SARAH)? OR (SALLIE)? RIVENBARK Abt. 1868 in ?.
(MAGGIE)2 BROOKS, b. June 04, 1869, Harnett County NC; d. December 20, 1956,
Dillon County, SC Bur: Oak Grove, SC. 3. ii. OSCAR C. BROOKS, SR., b. May 30,
1875, Duplin County, NC (Wallace); d. September 17, 1955, ?.

Generation No. 2
2. MARGARET ADELAI (MAGGIE)2 BROOKS (DAVID (DAVE)1) was born June 04, 1869 in
Harnett County NC, and died December 20, 1956 in Dillon County, SC Bur: Oak
Grove, SC. She married FIRD D. KIRBY Abt. 1888 in ?.
Children of MARGARET BROOKS and FIRD KIRBY are: 4. i. DOWNING3 KIRBY, b. April
13, 1890, Dillon County, SC; d. March 1971, Missoula County, MT. 5. ii. SARAH

From: Chuck Harrell ([email protected])
Date: Fri Jun 12 23:21:27 1998
Subject: Need help on anscestors of this family:
Descendants of Fird D. Kirby

Generation No. 1
1. FIRD D.1 KIRBY was born January 1865 in ?, and died March 20, 1934 in ?. He
married MARGARET ADELAI (MAGGIE) BROOKS Abt. 1888 in ?, daughter of DAVID BROOKS
Children of FIRD KIRBY and MARGARET BROOKS are: 2. i. DOWNING2 KIRBY, b. April
13, 1890, Dillon County, SC; d. March 1971, Missoula County, MT. 3. ii. SARAH
MARGARET (SALLIE) KIRBY, b. May 26, 1893, Dillon County, SC (Latta); d. June
1982, Marion County, SC ( Marion) Bur: Oak Grove, SC.

Generation No. 2
2. DOWNING2 KIRBY (FIRD D.1) was born April 13, 1890 in Dillon County, SC, and
died March 1971 in Missoula County, MT. He married OLLIE LYDIA RUDELL Unknown in

From: Tracey ([email protected])
Date: Wed Jun 10 12:28:01 1998
Subject: Mahaffey/Mahaffy
I am trying to find out if I can obtain a ships passenger list for the
CHICHESTER, from Belfast, Ireland, 1768. I would like to find out if the ship
originated from Ireland, or elsewhere. There are two Mahaffy's on that list, but
I'm not sure if they were from Ireland or possibly Scotland. Any help would be

From: Margaret T. Yocis ([email protected])
Date: Fri Jun 5 09:17:04 1998
Subject: William H. Knight and Mary E. Knight
I am trying to locate and information on my great grandfather and great
grandmother. The nformation I have is the dead end of my family tree. 

William H. KNIGHT born: May 02, 1853 died: Jul 21, 1901 he married  Mary E.
Knight born: Feb 14, 1853 died: Jul 04, 1908 was suppose to be Cherokee 

They had three children: Arzena KNIGHT born: Mar 22, 1877 Thomas Ruffus KNIGHT
born: May 27,1881 died: Mar 07, 1949 Hessie Elizabeth KNIGHT born: Sep 21,1885
died: Nov 1967

From what I understand my grandfather and his sisters were born in Cheraw, S.C.
- Chesterfield County. My great grandmother Mary E. Knight is suppose to be
buried in Cheraw, S.C. - Chesterfield County.

From: Jane McCombs Gillespie ([email protected])
Date: Wed Jun 3 19:59:59 1998
Subject: Hopewell Presbyterian Abbeville District 
Researching Hopewell Presbyterian Church started in 1760 by PATRICK CALHOUN
(Father of John C). The disbanded church (In 1950) was the church home of my
McComb from start to end. 
Other families from church: McCaslan, Lesly, Wilson, McFerron, Hunter, McCelvey,
Clatworthy, Link, Drennan etc.. 

From: Jane McCombs Gillespie ([email protected])
Date: Wed Jun 3 19:54:28 1998
Subject: McComb/McCombs 
Researching McComb/McCombs family of SC. Seems to have started in Old 96th
District with GEORGE & REBECCA MCCOMB who came into Charleston in 1767 on the
ship " EARL OF HILLSBOROUGH". George was granted land on the LONG CANE CREEK.
I think that George was the father of ANDREW MCCOMB who had a grist mill on the
Long Cane Creek and also carved the stone to mark the resting place of CATHERINE
CALHOUN (grandmother of John C) and 22 others killed in the LONG CANR INDIAN
JOHN MCCOMB(S)came to Greenville Co SC before the Civil War. John was the
grandson of ANDREW MCCOMB. John started the SC Upstate line of McCombs. 

From: Rebecca Ramsey ([email protected])
Date: Tue Jun 2 06:11:17 1998
Subject: COKER + COHEA (SC>TX)
Would really like to find out more about this family. Can anyone help?
Descendants of James COKER ------------------------------ 1-James COKER
..2-Thomas COKER + Margaret JONES (1766-1851) ....3-Peyton COKER (1801-1872) +
Nancy MCINNIS  ......4-James COKER (1826-1884)  sp: Rebecca A. BENNER (1829-)
........5-Marguerite COKER (1859-1931) sp: George Washington COHEA (1850-1925)
..........6-Ella COHEA + Webb BEATY  ..........6-Green COHEA + Delpha __________
..........6-Tom COHEA  ..........6-Wm. Monroe COHEA (1878-1965)  ..........sp:
Eulalia ADAMS (1880-1967) ..........6-Lula COHEA + Ralph JOHNSON 
..........6-Lora COHEA + sp1: Arthur JOHNSON sp2: ______ WILSON  sp3: Chester
HOLLIS  ..........6-Nora COHEA + _______ HOWERTON  ..........6-Annie COHEA +
Mack FREASIER  ..........6-Beulah COHEA + Clem VINEYARD ..........6-Lela COHEA +
_______ LONG  ..........6-Cecil Lawrence COHEA 

From: Vicky LaRiccia ([email protected])
Date: Sun May 31 14:25:28 1998
Subject: children of Hon. Christopher Gustavus Memminger
He lived in Charleston 1803 to 1888. I have lots of info. on him, but not his 
children. Research is really getting trickey without birth,marriage and death
dates. Any info. would help a great deal. He had his children by Mary Wilkinsen
of Charleston,SC.

From: Ken Fortenberry ([email protected])
Date: Mon May 25 09:22:02 1998
Subject: Fortenberry, Masters, Pearson, Smith, Evatt, Byars
Spartanburg and Pickens County information on the above and related names.

From: Joe R. Coates ([email protected])
Date: Fri May 22 23:50:40 1998
Subject: Coates family Tree
researching COATES family tree; looking for parents of GABRIEL GARRETT COATES,
born 1801 in Kershaw County,SC; moved to Madison County,NC abt 1827/28 where he
married Margaret C.(Peggy) Burlison. He was Baptist Minister practicing in
Madison County before 1835. $50.00 reward offered to first person who can
furnish me with his parents/grandparents names, dob etc. and reasonable proof
thereof.Family Tree Maker shows parents as Sion & Sarah Coates but Sion's Will
does not show a son born named Gabriel nor is there any other proof thereof
forthcoming to date. any help much appreciated. [email protected]

From: Joyce Payne ([email protected])
Date: Fri May 22 14:18:59 1998
Subject: Burdick/Burrows/Hewitt
I am looking for any info on the name of Burdick that lived in Williamsburg Co.
S.C. around 1815-20 and their relations to the Burrows and Hewitt.I am also
interested in any info on the Burrows and Hewitt. THANKS

From: Florence Patch Creasy ([email protected])
Date: Wed May 20 22:09:48 1998
Need info on NATHANIEL PATCH and wife FRANCES HENDRICKSON,around 1790. Would
like any info on any PATCH in the Charleston area between 1790-1830

From: Burnett Gallman ([email protected])
Date: Sat May 16 15:57:33 1998
Subject: Family history
I am trying to get information about the Black Doyles of Pickens District
(Oconee County), the Black Gallmans, Pratts, and Lessanes of Newberry County
South Carolina. Any help and information given to me would be sincerely

From: Linda Hoose ([email protected])
Date: Sat May 16 00:54:24 1998
Subject: Genealogy
Surnames: di SALVO SALVO LYNCH SULLIVAN Charleston Co
WEEKS HUTTO UTSEY GRESSETTE Orangeburg and Dorchester Co
Also, interested in hearing about preserving and storing old letters, documents,
etc. Doubt that ours would be in interest to the general community. 

From: Betty Cooper ([email protected])
Date: Fri May 15 13:53:59 1998
Subject: Researching surnames
I am researching the following surnames: Phillips, Brazeal, Sellers, Ward, and

From: Ken Baughman ([email protected])
Date: Wed May 13 11:55:34 1998
Subject: BAUGHMAN Ancestors
I am researching BAUGHMAN ancestors in Orangeburg and Lexington Counties from
1700s to 1830s. Am researching Hans Ulrich BAUGHMAN, John BAUGHMAN and Mary
Catherine Barbara BINNICKER. 

From: Katharine Moore (katharinemoore)
Date: Thu May 7 22:37:13 1998
Subject: Adickes, Withers, Alexander, Kirkland, Lynah, et al.
I have information to share in exchange for information on surnames: Adickes,
Withers, Boykin, Kirkland, Lynah, Kennan, Godin. 

From: Jerry Betterton ([email protected])
Date: Tue May 5 20:41:20 1998
Subject: Betterton Family
We are researching the BETTERTON family of Spartanburg, Union, and Anderson
Counties of South Carolina from 1770-1850. Any and all data pertaining to any of
these individuals would be greatly appreciated.

From: Charlotte Coats-Siercks ([email protected])
Date: Tue May 5 13:04:19 1998
Subject: Coats, Coates, Coate of Newberry, Kershaw Counties SC - 1700s
We also have a Coats Family Archive with downloadable documents...and we're
always looking for documents to add...

From: ruth krems ([email protected])
Date: Mon May 4 13:27:06 1998
Subject: mcmanus/marshall family
trying to locate information on James Frank McMansu who was married to Catherine
Marshall. James was born circa 1851, possibly in SC. He is buried in Mt. Zion
Baptist cemetery in camden, kershaw county, s. c. along with Catherine. Their
children were Inez, Mary, Maude, Margaret, Lillian, and Arthur (my g.
grandfather). Have been trying to find info on them for years but with no luck.
any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks. ruth

From: Fred Broughton ([email protected])
Date: Sun May 3 15:06:47 1998
Subject: Geneology
I am searching for information on the Broughton  family history around the tuen
of the last century. Any information you can share with me will be greatly

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