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Subject: Re: VANDIVER
From: GKinard
Date: March 09, 1998

In a message dated 98-03-09 11:58:16 EST, you write:

>  I'm looking for any VANDIVER sonnection in SC.  I do have one name and an
>  appoximate date.  That is Margaret VANDIVER born in SC about 1790.  moved
>  Alabama as an adult.  It is unknown at this time whether VANDIVER is her
>  married or madien name.  Any information would be appreciated.
>  Thanks,
>  Rebecca Langsmith

Rebecca: I don't know that what I have will help you, but I have three
Vandivers in my files (Spartanburg area, mostly), but no Margaret:  Betsy m.
Harcaneous Briant; James m. Eliz. Kirby and and Mary W. (Polly) m. Wm. G.
Briant. James was the father of Mary. I don't know Betsy's parents.

You might try a note to: [email protected] (Paul and Cornelia Barton)
They graciously shared some Vandiver info w/me at one time.

If you find a family connection let me know and I'll share what I have.

Glenna Bryant Kinard

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