Re: VA Grave Markers - Bonnie McVicar-Briggs
Subject: Re: VA Grave Markers
From: Bonnie McVicar-Briggs
Date: March 31, 1998

Nancy and all,

I recieved the following on the Civil-War list today.  Please pass it on to
recopied from civil war list:
Recently there had been some discussion concerning the VA's policy towards
providing tombstones free of charge for soldiers whose graves are unmarked
or whose stones have become unreadable.

Below is the response I received from the Veteran's Administration concerning
this story. In addition, there is an excellent Web Site that spells out
the policy and how to go about getting a marker for a veteran be he Civil War
or Vietnam War.

It is:

Bonnie McVicar-Briggs
personal email: [email protected]

County Coordinator
Shiawassee County, MI
County email: [email protected]

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