Re: Slave data- Abbeville Co, SC - Sonia L Walker
Subject: Re: Slave data- Abbeville Co, SC
From: Sonia L Walker
Date: March 05, 1998

Greetings SC Rooters,

I host the Enslavement Data Page for Abbeville Co, SC, primarily because
my ancestors were enslaved there.  We have a few pieces of data for Elbert
Co, GA (just across the Savannah from Calhoun Falls) and a few for
Edgefield Co (because of the connections of the slave holding families),
and some from MS because the wills bequeathed enslaved Africans to
Abbeville Co SC residents.

Your data and queries are most welcome.  I have compiled from the 1860
Abbeville Co SC slave schedule a list of the 1468 slave holders of that
county and will look up a few surnames, but you can visit the page for all
that info:

Take care,

On Mon, 2 Mar 1998, URQ5 wrote:

  In response to a couple of recent requests for slave information, here
> follows a list of addresses for mailing slave data that you come across. They
> are particularly interested in wills & other documents that list slaves by
> name-- along with the names of the owners. I assume that an e-mail to any of
> them would result in some suggestions of where to look for other online slave
> data. 
> [email protected]
> [email protected]
> [email protected]
> GFS [email protected]
> GFS [email protected]

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