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Subject: Re: Purrysburg
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Date: April 29, 1998

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<< 1. Williamsburg ( Black River, Kingstree area)
 2. Purrysburg (Savannah River, Aiken/Augusta area)
 3. Saxe- Gotha (Congaree River, Columbia/lower Richland Co. area)
 4. Orangeburg (N. Edisto River, mid- state area)
 5. Amelia (Congaree/Wateree Rivers junction, Sumter area)
 6. Fredericksburg (Wateree River, above Amelia)
 7. Queensboro (Pee Dee River, Cheraw area)
 8. Kingston (Waccamaw River, Conway area)

Edd Dorminey points out that the actual Purrysburg settlement was closer to
Savannah. My source gave the general area of SC the township was in as related
to the other townships (rather than the actual settlement).  Also, I have
found another source that states there were 11 townships established rather
than the eight named above. So far, I have only located one additional
township, New Windsor, near Fort Moore on the Savannah River. 


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