Re: public record office- Spanish census -American State Papers. - Gail Moore
Subject: Re: public record office- Spanish census -American State Papers.
From: Gail Moore
Date: May 19, 2000

While at a LDS I saw a card in the index box for microfilmed censuses on
hand there at all times.
The card read

Spanish Census Records for Florida

There were two of them

No mention on the card if it was covering St. Augustine or not.

Was the Spanish Census for Florida the same as what you are calling
The census done in the St. Augustine area of Florida when Turnbull brought
in the Minoricans??

Ok I'll bite what are the Florida Papers and what would we find of use in
those in working with Genealogy.  I feel stupid to say the least as I live
in Florida but have never used these.  Help and if you find them online
please share that URL with us all.


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