Re: public record office- Spanish census -American State Papers. - Edgar Taylor
Subject: Re: public record office- Spanish census -American State Papers.
From: Edgar Taylor
Date: May 19, 2000

If by  you refer to the American State Papers- these were
the records of the proceedings of  commissioners appointed by the Federal
government when FLA became part of the US - a territory - to verify land
claims made by the residents of FLA. Many of these give the family
relationship of those seeking to claim the land originally granted perhaps
to their father or other relative as a Spanish land grant. There is alot of
genealogical information there in the several volumns if one  it
Am still hoping some one can give us the browser  to get to these
documents, which I think are in the FLA state library..

Re the census. My impression of the 1790s one is that it does not give all
the residents of Spanish FLA but those living near St. Augustine. The 1800s
one DOES include Old Fernandina, so I suspect it is more inclusive. 

RE the East Florida Papers. The original Spanish documents which included
the census - and a lot of other info including testimentary proceedings for
estate settlements, ship arrivals and departures  etc - were taken by the
Federal government before the Spanish could take them away and deposited in
the Library of Congress where they were microfilmed years ago. These are
called the East Florida Papers. A number of these documents, including the
census, have been translated but many more are still in the old - hard to
read - Spanish script. I found my ancestor's will given in these papers, but
still in the old script- tough to translate but with patience and a little
knowledge of Spanish and a dictionary - and lots of time - one can work his
way thru. But it was worth the time!

These  are NOT on the Internet. It would be almost impossible to do
this, nor could most people be able to use them even though they would be
photocopied or scanned. But one can/ could  buy copies of the microfilm from
the Library of Congress. Not cheap and one needs to determine which
microfilm to get.- somewhat difficult in itself. It may be that some of the
larger FLA libraries have copies of the microfilms.

Ed T of PGH
>From: "Gail Moore" 
>To: [email protected]
>Subject: Re: public record office- Spanish census -American State Papers.
>Date: Fri, May 19, 2000, 2:12 PM

While at a LDS I saw a card in the index box for microfilmed censuses on
>hand there at all times.
>The card read
>Spanish Census Records for Florida
>There were two of them
>No mention on the card if it was covering St. Augustine or not.
>Was the Spanish Census for Florida the same as what you are calling
>The census done in the St. Augustine area of Florida when Turnbull brought
>in the Minoricans??
>Ok I'll bite what are the Florida Papers and what would we find of use in
>those in working with Genealogy.  I feel stupid to say the least as I live
>in Florida but have never used these.  Help and if you find them online
>please share that URL with us all.

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