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Date: October 21, 1999

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From: "Carrie L. Dominguez" 
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Subject: Re: 1880 cencus on CD
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I have had several responses to my request for assistance so that we might
get the 1880 Ar.Cencus on CD. The questions are all good questions and I
will get with SK Publications and get all of you the particulars. I have
also had people who are a little apprehensive. In this day and age, I cannot
blame anyone for asking questions. You don't know me...I understand this. I
could rent the film, go to the library, transcribe by hand to paper and then
come back and put  it all into the computer then upload to the web site. It
would be very difficult however to do this with my four small children
(ages-2,4,5 & 12) underfoot the entire time. Putting the cencus on CD would
make the enormous task of transcribing this large cencus much easier and
probably more accurate (okay, I'm not perfect :>) ). This transcription is
the one way I know how to thank all of those people who so generously give
of their time to do lookups for the rest of us. It is my way, or rather, our
way of making a contribution to this World Wide project.  I would like to
see all public records up on-line, available to those of us who use it the
most...those researching their family history. Just think of the
possibilities....birth certificates, death certificates etc...all on-line.
Wouldn't it be nice to see all governmental agencies put the information up
on-line on a daily basis? No more paying out ten or twenty dollars a pop for
copies of the information you need? Okay....when I dream....I dream big!!.
But why not? This is not something that would be impossible for the county,
state and gov't offices to do. Just scan and upload as the paperwork comes
in. Why not contact representatives of the state and try to get something
done about it? I don't know.....maybe I am nuts...but I see it as something
very doable. If all this information were on line, I know I wouldn't be
hitting some of these brick walls that I've had with my family research.
What do you think? I guess if nothing else it will make some good
conversation. Let me end with this little note; I am new to this particular
list....I hope that I haven't stepped on anyone's toes or offended anyone.
If I have, let me apologize now, in advance. I just want to see the Arkansas
sites shine... Arkansas is my home...though I'm not there now...I will
always be proud of where I come from.
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