Re: Public Comments - WESTON H. BYNG
Subject: Re: Public Comments
Date: February 24, 1998

Please don't let the nay-sayers get you down. You're an incredible resource
for me, as I live on the other side of the country and must use a
wheelchair. Going to the library is exhausting, a logistical nightmare and
painful. So, please DON'T stop. 

You said it all: this is genealogy; learn to delete.

Someday, you are going to post something that reveals my
great-great-grandfather who immigrated from Prussia in 1852 and settled in

Send this to the list owner if you think it will help. Otherwise, just
ignore the gripes. What is that Latin saying about Don't let somebody grind
you down?

Thank you,

Caroline Byng
[email protected]

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