Re: Public Comments - Macreco
Subject: Re: Public Comments
From: Macreco
Date: February 21, 1998

Dear Mr. Coker,
The information  and history that you shared with all of us  was just
delightful.                While I was reading  the different information ....
these were my thoughts                        1. What a generous man, what
2. Yes, I saw surnames in my tree
3. How lucky.... for I live in the tip of Texas... with a good library .. 4-5
hours away.                           How lucky that I have a computer and
just am learning to use it                                            4. Mr.
Coker is fantastic.. aren't people really good.
Mr. Coker, I hope you were not discouraged  or downhearted about the crude e
mail you received (and that was sent to Scroots)... You have a great deal to
share , please continue and thank you.   I , too, shall send  a message to
Scroots - L in your support.
Polly PPool Craig

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