Re: Public Comments - Lsmith3437
Subject: Re: Public Comments
From: Lsmith3437
Date: February 21, 1998


You probably say my feelings on this matter a little earlier.  I'm in support
of you and the giving part of genealogy.  There are many things that irritate
me about lists I belong to,  but I just read, delete, go on.  Only when I feel
totally pissed about something will I comment.  And this pissed me off.

I don't know how long you have been on the list, but if not for long perhaps
you were also a member of NC-SC-ROOTS, and remember the ridiculous thread of
messages regarding splitting the list etc.  From what I can determine, most of
the gripers from the NCSCroots list now belong to the SCROOTS.  Some of these
folks are a bit testy.  It is actually a wonder any genealogy gets done at
all.  But, in order to avail myself of the occasional tidbit of info I need, I
will put up with all the arrogance and petty bickerings.

I believe most of the folks that complain that they don't have the time to
read all stuff unrelated to their particular lines, really have more time than
the rest of us - time to complain, not just delete.

Stay with it.  

Oh,  I am going to keep your address for possible questions later on if you
don't mind.  I have been researching my lines for 20+ years but am still very
ignorant of the ancillary sources available.


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