Re: Public Comments - JIM MOORE
Subject: Re: Public Comments
Date: February 21, 1998

	Please tell Sarah and Noble to take a hike.  Politely, I'm sure. I, 
too, have been somewhat overwhelmed at times by Steven's prolific postings, but
even if he did go to USC, he has provided what I think is a valuable asset, 
context, as well as opening up unique data sources for others.  (And the crack 
about USC was said with tongue in cheek; I went to CLEMSON.)
	A number of people have reccommended that S&N...or others...should find 
and use their delete key... or unsubscribe.  I agree, however, (Steven...) 
perhaps the middle ground is exercising some restraint in the number of 
messages per day.  If these folks don't want to read "Coker's Contributions", 
then maybe they won't strain their right index finger if they have only 5-10 
messages a day.  Maybe they'd even deign to read them, if they think it 
won't give them eye strain. ;)
	Adrian, you're THE listowner, so you'll have to ultimately come down 
somewhere.  I, for one, will abide by your decision.  My concern is that TWO
individuals who apparently got out on the wrong side of bed, one of whom
bragged that he'd "returned" the messages (Gee; with all that effort, he 
could've deleted them, but I guess he wants to demonstrate his immaturity to 
the list) are trying to dictate their narrow, parochial, views to the list.
Please, whatever happens, don't allow this list to turn into another NC-SC LIST
where it seemed that half everyone's efforts were spent argueing rather than 
doing genealogy.

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